After beeing worried about loosing her baby weight  ,Kim can finally breath a sigh of relief as it's clear she's quickly regaining her pre-baby body !

"I've actually been doing the Atkins diet & i love it," the reality star said in response to a fan who wanted to know what the key was to her weight loss.

Kim has been eating a very healthy diet, consisting of "tons of lean, nutritious foods such as fish, lean cuts of meat, beef, leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, nuts, avocados and olive oil."

How Atkins Diet work :

You can lose weight by drastically cutting back on carbs like bread, potatoes, and sweets while still eating bacon, mayonnaise, and butter !
What You Can Eat and What You Can't

The first part of the plan, called the induction phase, has these rules:

    No more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, mostly from certain vegetables
    Protein and fat from poultry, fish, eggs, red meat, butter, and vegetable oils
    No pasta, bread, grains, fruit, starchy vegetables, or dairy other than butter, cheese, and cream
    No nuts, seeds, or legumes like beans
    No caffeine
    No alcohol

Next comes the "ongoing weight loss" stage, when you slowly add more vegetables, and you can include seeds, nuts, legumes, berries and other fruit, wine and other low-carb alcohol, and whole grains.

After that, to help keep the weight off, you may be able to eat more carbs and add more foods to your diet, depending on your body's needs. 

Newer versions of the diet, including New Atkins for a New You and the Atkins web site, emphasize making good food choices, such as healthy fats.

Cooking and shopping: You will need to count carbs and factor that into whatever you're cooking at home or ordering in a restaurant. You should read food labels and use the carbohydrate counter in the book.

The first phase of the diet may be challenging, since the list of foods you’re allowed to have is very limited. You may have to skip many of your favorite foods and treats.

You’ll also need to keep a close eye on your weight. Changes in your weight affect how many carbs you can have in your daily diet.

So who is planning to do it ?

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