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January 06, 2014 - by Melissa

Us, girls, we are always looking forward to get easy beauty tips that wont cost us an arm and sometimes a leg on top. From high name brands to home remedies, we love to try it all. On daily basis, I come across many beauty tips that may help you out. Some of them I tried myself and some others have been tried by my friends.
You will see, most of the beauty tips you will read below are so easy to apply offering you great results. Try them out and let me know what you think.

1. Eye Cream Is Great For Cuticles
Instead of spending money on two different product for to different reasons, you can always use one product to help out with 2 different issues. It’s the case for eye cream, you can now also use it to get rid of your cuticles.

2. Use a deep-conditioning treatment twice a month to lock in your hair dye from fading which will also help you dry hair and split ends.

3. To apply a blush that will look natural and healthy make sure to always start your blush line far from your nose and only on the apples of your cheeks and not over your whole face.

4. If you have curly hair, make sure to comb your hair in the shower while it’s still wet and never when your hair is totally dry.

5. Apply bronzer directly under the cheekbone to make them look higher. You can as well add highlighter line under your blush to get the same high cheekbone effect.

6. If you are looking to put more volume into your hair, you can always spray some volume spray into the roots before blow-drying in order to add some lift.

7. To get fuller lips, use a neutral lip contour and fill the inside with a gloss instead of lipstick.

8. If your mascara is flaking, most probably it’s too old. Make sure to change your mascara every 3 months and keep the tube tightly closed.

9. To dry your pimples, apply a thin coat of toothpaste on them. This is an very quick way of getting great results.

10. As crazy as it may sound, you can use oil based make-up remover on your oily skin. This may help your glands producing less sebum.

11. A soft face exfoliator could be used daily to give your skin a fresh look without hurting it.
12. If you have oily hair, make sure that your conditioner does not touch the roots. The mid-length to the tips is the most important area to cover with conditioner.

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