Funny pictures of kids and the stuff they do and destroyed is one of the highest viewed on the net because the nature of the simplicity and fun it. 
I think someone should write a book about things you have to tell your kids, "don't chew on the seat belt", "no, we are not going to live in the woods like the smurfs", "We don't have any MouskaTools to fix the flat tire", "you need to use a cup to get water from the fridge door, you will never catch it all with your mouth." Ya know, the basics in life!

I remember when my brother was a toddler and baby we soon realized that while quiet might be craved you don't want it cause every time it was quiet something got dirty like the time we left him alone and I ran to him cuz it was too quiet but there was already a giggling baby in an entire baby powder bottle empted on the couch.
I don't think anyone's saying to take the kids out in the backyard and beat them for ruining things. I think as parents we realized before we had kids that they would break some things, spill some things, make messes.... I think the book is just supposed to be funny - and I like looking at these. It reminds me when my kids ruin something that it could always be worse! it is all fun :)
enjoy the experience :)

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