Kate Middleton!

December 30, 2013 - by Julia

A 44-year-old woman speeding on the wrong direction, down a one-way street was rolling her car and claiming to be the Duchess of Cambridge to avoid prosecution.  The woman claimed to be Kate Middleton after her car crashed.

She was lucky not to have hurt nobody but she was definitely convinced that she was Kate Middleton and kept saying to police: 'You can't touch me because I am royal'. The funny thing cops have reported is that our crazy lady was waving to cars on the road just the way royals do. After which the woman crashed near Tataraimaka on SH45 between Oakura and Okato.

Her car ended up landing on its roof after hitting a bank, but luckily for her, she was not badly injured. The officer who arrived there first, claims: "She's obviously someone who is not in a fit state of mind to be driving." She was then being assessed by mental health professionals and it was unknown if charges would be laid.

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