Fashion is ever changing and women are always after new fashionable products.
If you look around women spend a lot of time and money in keeping them self updated with the latest fashion in the industry. for some it is the most important thing in life :) .  But why are Women are so attracted To Fashion?
The secret of Fashion Industry
Fashion is entangled with the latest and trendy items to sell them self’s. An average man needs only one pant or jeans for the next 5 years or so but it is not desirable to the fashion industry. Fashion industry thrives on more and more purchases of their products they produce. All they want is to make consistent profits. You can see the value of the raw materials these companies use, the production cost and see the huge ROI (Return on investment) they make. Instead of using the same products by the customer the industry has coined the term fashionable. So as fashion keeps changing overtime. More and more people will go on buying and using the products to stay fashionable.
Why Women are attracted To Fashion
Since the fashion industry concentrates on creating out new and innovate products then also want to alter emotional purchasing decisions of the customer. They need to convince the customer that it unconventional and the society will not accept you if you are not using their products. These companies can also project mental images of insecurity through advertisements and they are doing it effectively too. Cosmetic companies in India sell fairness creams and they bank on the ego of the customers. They want to mentally implant the idea that their dark skin is nor sexy and the dark skinned people won’t be accepted in the mainstream society. The inferiority complex and the ego drive the customer to purchase the product.

Women become the easy prey to the products these companies sell because they are very sensitive to thoughts and emotions. They plant the idea into women’s subconscious mind that their womanly hood and their value lies in their beauty and they should be up to date In their dressing and grooming so that can be perceived as step ahead by the society. They sell these ideas to the women from their childhood. Women subconsciously feel that her beauty lies in those expensive cosmetic product and the expensive dresses they wear. All those purchasing decisions they make are subconscious. The ideas and images are planted by advertisements in the customer’s unconscious mind and whenever the customer walks by the product he will automatically associate the feelings of fear and insecurity with himself and in order to overcome the insecurity he will purchase the product. Women also spend a lot of time in front of the television and they most women are homemakers so they are literally bombarded with ads from cosmetic companies.
Should Women buy products to enhance their beauty?
You cannot say a Yes or No to those simple questions; I can only provide you with an opinion because some women are comfortable using beauty products and they have their own justification for that. I do not blame them but I would advise them whatever product you use be sure to check its side effects before using them. You can look up the effects of the ingredients used in the internet to more about the affect of the ingredient on human skin. Many cosmetic companies purposefully hide certain facts from their customers. Many bleaching creams use certain banned ingredients in it. These banned ingredients may cause cancer but they have come up with derivatives or hybrids of those ingredients and somehow made the usage of those chemicals in consumer cosmetic products legal.
If you really want to shift from those chemical products and try something natural then I can guide you. There are certain natural and homemade beauty products that can provide twice the effect of the cosmetics. My grandmother used homemade creams to cure my pimples when I was a teenager. You can also create homemade cosmetics with the help of cheap natural products. In the case of wardrobes you upgrade your wardrobe to something elegant and most of your old dresses can be used to create fashionable products yourself. Many dresses in my wardrobe were crafted by me. I learned to stitch and sew and created my own fashion brand. Trust me this way of doing is easily achievable –It takes a little bit of imagination and the courage to stand apart from the crowd.

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