Hi everybody,
I will tell you about my story and I need your help to aid me in my decision. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months now, and when we met I made it clear that no sexual intercourse will be performed before marriage. He was fine with the idea, but now things have changed. Nowadays, he is always trying to convince me to have  intercourse, saying that we don’t even know when we will get married.

I understand his point of view and I understand his urge. The thing is I am not ready for such move. I was raised with the knowledge that sex is ONLY and STRICTLY after marriage. I am simply scared of loosing him by saying no and in the same time he sort of convinced me of the importance of sexual intercourse before marriage. He claims that having sex now is important to make sure to find out if we are sexually compatible. He tells me what if we wait until we get married and then we find out that we simply don’t like having sex together.

I am really tired of this subject, it became the only thing we talk about when we meet and the only reason for our fights. I am to a point where I will just agree to it and let go of my old beliefs, but I am so scared of regretting such move. This is why I seek your help and your experience to make up my mind

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