Is boxing day a fact or a myth? In so many countries the boxing day is considered being the one day people wait for from year to year in order to make substantial savings on their purchases. It is traditionally known for being the day following Christmas day and observed in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Malta and some other Commonwealth nations. In Australia, Boxing Day is considered to be a federal public holiday.

Many people are asking if the name “boxing day” has to do anything with the sport? The answer is “NO”. It holds its origins from a day off given to servants and when they would receive a ‘Christmas Box’ from their master. The domestics would also go home to give a ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families. In other terms, it was meant to be the time of the year where gifts are given from to another.

Nowadays, “boxing day” holds a total new meaning. It is mainly about savings. Some people would even wait after Christmas to buy their gifts in order to buy discounted items and not have to pay the full price as they would before Christmas. For some other people, boxing day is simply a day where they would stay home and never hit any shopping centres, trying to avoid the craziness around such event.

In sum, “boxing day” is basically a fun day that people wait for to get things they’ve longed for at an attractive price.

Enjoy your shopping!

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