I was thinking to go in vacation to explore the Arabic culture  .And there is guy who works With me who is from Algeria and he was telling me that Algeria is beautiful nature and landscapes,but is not really the best place to go for vacation because of the safety and  Morocco,Tunisia and Egypt are better.
I don't know if he is just saying that cause he would feel guilty if something happened. I have looked online and a lot websites say it is fine, just use common sense. I have read other blogs of people saying they had a great time in Algeria.
Now i started to considerate Morocco because it has both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts to choose from whereas Algeria just has the Mediterranean. There is almost the same blend of cultures in Morocco , Berber, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and a lot of variety as far as scenery and culture.
Other friend have told me that Algerian tourism isn't that developed at this point. The country just isn't set up for tourists in the way that Morocco is. And i should give it a couple of years and it'll be a place to go as well.

What do you think ? any suggestion ?

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