Nail art can sometimes seem very complicated when you simply see the finished manicure, but once you simply read over the step by step following nail art info you will realize just how stress-free it is to do it yourself. Don’t let the final effect seen on pictures scare you away! Try out some you might just surprise yourself of how talented you are. If by any mischance the end result doesn’t please you, give it another go in few days. Nail art is an amusing, simple way to be artistic, creative and dangerously hooking!

This is a manicure that I tried once on a weekend while I was away and let me tell you that it turned lots of heads and provoked so many conversations. To create I used Lancôme Rouge Reglisse 473, which is a stunning vampy reddish plum colour. I created the glitter gradient by using glitter bomb nail polish by Shimmer Polish Eva and Sally Girl Silver glitter.

1- Apply one coat of Lancôme rouge reglisse 473 and let it completely dry out.
2-Once the first coat is dry, it will be time to apply a thick half coat of the glitter bomb nail polish by Shimmer Polish Eva on the upper nail. Let it try as well.
3- Once the second coat is totally dry, you can proceed by applying a thin coat of Silver glitter over the bomb nail polish. Let it dry.
4- As a final step, you can apply a coat of fast dry transparent coat to settle everything and protect your art.

Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you, be ready for a rain of compliments !

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