As you all know your hair is like a crown. It adds to your beauty and your femininity. This season let it be, show your power and your elegance trough your hair and let it talk about your personality for you

Crown braids.
Yes…the 50s are back in town. You remember that crown braid that our parents use to wear on their hair? Well, it’s back! You can have your own braid rouding overs your hair, or you can use a fake braid to give a little extra to your hair style. BTW, it’s also called milkmaid braid!

Soft waves.
Soft, flowing waves aren’t a new thing yet they have been reinvented. Those waves don’t need to look perfect…they just need to look natural. There are different ways of getting natural waves without using any heat. For example, after wetting your hair, you can simply twist your hair an tie it up for half an hour and then let them lose.

Deep side parts.
You know that part hair that sometimes goes in the middle, well now it goes on the side. Either to the left or to the right, you can wear that part as you wich. You can have it with loose haire or with a ponytail. This way of wearing your hair would greatly suit a formal dress or formal pants and jacket.

Hair accessories.
Hair accessories on the spring 2014 runways ranged from gold barrettes to sprinklings of big stars, while the use of leather evoked a mix of old-world elegance and modern robustness. Headbands and leather ties are a crucial statement to make for this season, allowing that little something extra to be added to any of your hairstyle. One more thing, don’t let go of your headbands, they are still in this season.

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