Whether you love it or hate it, prom is a big part of the yearly high school calendar. Who is taking whom, what are you going to wear, where you are going to dinner, the fun, the excitement

Prom is ridiculously expensive. Girls buy dresses that cost several hundred dollar that, while cute, are often too glitzy to ever wear again. (I could buy at least six more wearable dresses for the same price)
There are nice dresses for not much .. even less that $100...but it seems image and brand are what it's all about .. Image is EVERYTHING ... and unless it comes with a hefty price tag it won't even be considered.

I've seen girls want to buy a dress not because they like how it looks or how it feels but because it's expensive. Somehow there is a correlation about how important they feel when they are wearing something that is highly priced.

If you took a $50 dress off the rack .. and stuck a $500 price tag on it .. I'd bet that it would be considered as a prize dress and would be worn with tremendous pride by any girl attending prom. Vote for me if you like it! :)

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