Once again Sylvester Stallone is back to boxing, in spite of hitting 67 years old!!
This time to fight Robert De Niro, the 70 years old, at their new joined movie ‘’ Grudge Match ‘’ which will start playing this Wednesday on theater.

In spite of both actors age, they didn’t hesitate to accept this movie, as both of them carries great movie boxing memories.

Boxing was the gate for Stallone to enter the magic screen, as well as for De Niro at his famous play ‘’ Raging Bull’’ in 1980, which awarded him the Oscar best actor.

The movie plays in a comedy frame, about the two boxers, Henry and Bill, who return from their retirements, to play one final match.

The movie budgeted 40 millions. Warner Bros expect it to achieve a lot of success, counting on the solid reputation of Stallone and De Niro.

I yet have to see a movie for either De Niro or Stallone that I didn’t like, and having those two titans in a movie, is a win win in my case, I honestly say, that I can’t wait to watch the movie!

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