Your face is as fragile as silk!

When washing your face, every move counts. First, you should wash it as if it was made of the most fragile fabric be gentle and use lots of circular repetitive movements starting from your neck up to your forehead. Don’t put too much pressure to your movement as it can give you a temporary pinkish glow caused by capillaries damage.

Choose the right product for your skin type!
Do a small test. Use a small piece of scotch tape on your cheek, if it comes out with some deposits or flakes, it’s a sign that you have a dry skin. In that case, you can use a rich creamy moisturizer cleanser.  If your skin is more oily or prone to acne, a cleanser with grapefruit or papaya or salicylic acid used on daily basis, should be of great help to your skin. If you are more of a sensitive skin person, avoid any cleanser with perfumes or dyes.

The sun is not the best friend you thought it was!
Protecting your skin against the sun is a must, as we all know that the sun could burn your skin but also causes moisture loss. A good SP lotion is a necessity even if the weather is below 0 outside. Protect your skin from the harmful sun rays by using a sunscreen or a moisturizer that contain sunscreen as a bonus.

Hydration is not only in creams!
If you can hit the steam room for couple of minutes, that could be enough to hydrate your full body. If you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, it should also keep you well hydrated. And if you eat a lot of veggies and fruits, this should also replace the couple of water glasses that you tend to skip.

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