Deciding how to do my hair for my wedding Is the hardest thing ever for me!  I change my mind every day, there is so many things I like !  How can you choose just one? 
Plus what will look good in pictures?  And what will last all day?  After looking  a lot of brides piictures, I've noticed a lot of the pros and cons for each type of wedding hairstyle.  Whether i'll go with an  half updo,or all down  , here are the pros and cons for each one.

1/ All down :

-It's gorgeous, especially that i have extra long hair .
-It's comfortable.  i won't have a headache by the end of the day because i won't have a million bobby pins in my hair.
-It's moveable.  i won't have to worry about it moving around because unlike an updo, it's supposed to move around!

-The biggest con for hair that's all down is that it's the least predictable wedding hair style.  Since it is moveable, it's almost impossible to keep everything in place.  By the end of a long day it can look ratty and messy.   One out-of-place curl can ruin a picture, and it's hard to keep volume and shape in hair that's not pinned at all.

2/Half updo:

-i get to keep the look of long curls while still having the security of bobby pins.  Best of both worlds.
- It's easier to find a place for hair accessories in half updos than in all down styles.
-Since the top half is pinned up, it's a lot more likely to hold shape and body for the whole day. 

-Since half of it is still down, it can easily get messy and out of place just like an all down style

So which one should i Choose ?
Please I'm waiting  your opinions !

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