The People vs Winter!

December 19, 2013 - by IsaBeLLe

While winter is fun with all the snow activities, playing outside with the kids, visiting families and enjoy dinner over holidays. Winter can be very dangerous as well, specially when it comes to snow shovelling. Driving can be very treacherous in snow or on ice. But snow can also be dangerous even if you don't leave your drive way!! 

In 2008 70,000 people ended up with injuries related to shovelling the snow!! Between back pain which is the No. 1 injury after a snowstorm, specially is the lower back strain, that can be really harmful that you might even end up with herniated disk! 

If after shovelling you feel back pain that radiates down your leg, this is a bad sign, that might mean you have a raptured or herniated disk. 

So how to avoid snow shovelling injuries? 

1- By staying in shape. Working out year round, you will have less to worry about shovelling snow. 

2- Warm up, like any type of exercise, warming up is essential, to avoid back and joints injuries. 

3- If you are not used to heavy workouts, don't shovel all the snow at once, specially that heavy and water laden snow. Shovel for 5 min to 10 min then go inside for some stretching and catch your breath, then out again for another 10 min. 

4- Proactive proper technique, try to push the snow instead of letting it, but when you have to lift, don't bend your back from your waist, squat with your legs. By no means you should rotate or twist your body. 

5- Pick the right tools, like any job, tools are the job half done, Ergonomic shovels tend to take the stress off your back, the bent handle gives a better angle. 

6- Keep your self warm, dahhhh .. layer with warm clothing. Freezing while shovelling will tighten up your muscles, it is the opposite of warming up. 

7- Snow boots with good tractions, if you slip, while .. allot of damage can happen to your body, specially if you fell down stairs. 

Thats all said, keep a common sense, 
And I leave you now with this video, wishing you all safe winter and happy holidays! 

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