Fashion Spring 2014
For the ladies who love fashion, I decided to surf the net and get a glimpse of spring 2014 fashion styles. I am giving a wrap-up of my findings, you might want to get ready ☺

Some trends are rolling on from 2013 to 2014 such as clutch bags to knits continues into spring 2014.  The main point about fashion this coming season, is to wear things that attract the eyes and nothing much does it better as the big lettered shirts. Get some shirts with slogan print or big drawings. That should be good enough to attract some attention.

Inverse shirt buttoning.
We are getting back to shirts era (sort of business shirts). You remember when the hype was to unbutton the top 3 or 4 buttons? Well, it’s time to do it upside down. Button the top buttons and let the rest of your shirt wide open to go the flow.
That little triangle that shows some skin could be covers by a different color tank top or you can let it show some skin and your belly button.

Cowgirl style.
It’s time to get comfortable with your Western boots and skinny jeans.  Add some western elements into your outfits to keep it real with the style. You can now wear your old embroidered shirts and low-slung oversized belts. The Brittany Spears style is back on the market. Hot shorts and mini-skirts with some sexy tank top and cowboy boots should be your next clubbing outfit.

Leather, silk, beading are really in style this season… if you can find a piece that works some fringing into the equation don’t think twice and invest it. Wear those short leather jackets with long sleeves, they will be available in numerous colors to suit your taste.

Le smoking.
Fore the more classical women, The traditional smoking jacket or tuxedo will just add to your femininity Wear your favorite tuxedo over a collars (turtle neck). Bright colors are so IN. White, yellow and royal blue will be your new favorite colors.

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