First we to understand what is a layaway. Based on some online definition, a layaway is a purchasing method that allows a customer to put a product on hold by putting  a deposit on the item. It allows the customer to make smaller payments on the product until the purchase price is totally paid. A layaway plan guarantees that the selected merchandise will be in stock and ready for pick-up when the full amount is cleared.

Now, when it comes to say that there is a “layaway Santa”, that would mean that someone is acting like Santa by helping people to clear off some layaway account.
This would be the case of Mr. Greg Paraday, a financial planner, living in Florida. This man spent 20000$ from his own personal money to help out some families by paying their layaway account at a Walmart store in Florida. Some cashiers said that he even used his personal credit card to help make Christmas a better Holiday for needy people. So the people concerned by this act, would find out their account is cleared only when they would go to the store to make a payment on their Layaway account in order to eventually get the item. To their big surprise, they would be informed that Santa has fully paid their account and that they could leave the store with their items.

It’s nice to see that there’s still some good people around us and they only care about spreading the joy among their community without even expecting a “thank you” in return. Thumbs up to this man.

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