December 13, 2013 - by Rihanah

Hey guys..
Today I wanted to write about something, but I was running out of ideas. I tried finding something that touches all of us, young, old, black, white, red, yellow, rich, poor. When I said “ALL” I really meant it.  I finally decided to talk about the “ONE” thing that we all have in common: ”LIFE”.

Life is indeed the most precious gift that was given to us by our parents. From the first breath until the last one, we grow, age, learn, discover, make friends, lose friends, lave, hate, hurt and get hurt, laugh, cry and much more. Each second from our life is given to us only once and will never come back. For sure, more minutes, hours, days and months will follow but that same second will never come back.

It’s sad to realize that the time that pass us by is gone for good. This is when we all say: “I wish I did this or that, said this or that” and so on. The feeling of regret will be emphasized but it will be impossible to turn back the days. This is why life should be lived to the maximum…enjoyed to the highest extend, loved like there is no tomorrow, cherished for all it is. We will all agree to say that life isn’t always what we dream of but that’s “LIFE”. You can make the best out of it if you take the time to realize how lucky you are to be given this life of yours.

Enjoy life and love its beauty. Don’t get caught in a vicious circle. Set goals, but most off all, do your possible reach them. Stop on your way to work, look at the beauty that surrounds you. Smell a flower, write a poem, feed the birds. If you can, leave your car behind, take a walk, talk to strangers, help people on your way, give sincere compliments, accept compliments from others and smile. Spend more time with your loved ones, call your friends, and visit them. Play with your kids, crawl on the floor with them, don’t be afraid to get dirty, let them take pictures of you and you of them. Tell them that you love them, hug them, kiss them, read them a bedtime story…Soon enough, they’ll be grown-ups and it will be too late. Live the moment, stop thinking about tomorrow.

You know what, I am not even going to re-read what I wrote, i just let my heart speak and i don't want to contradict it.

Life is good to us, be good to it!

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