Do you prefer hookah (Shisha) or cigarettes?

While it is a rising trend, we can see many people adopting the new toy called “Hookah” or in other terms “Shisha”. It is often considered to be less damaging and more fun than cigarettes. You can now experience it in many flavors at any shisha lounge available all over the world.

Hookah is about a waterpipe system that uses charcoal to burn flavored tobacco covered by a piece of foil filled with tiny holes t allow the smoke to go trough the tobacco mixture.  This smoke is then filtered trough cold water which gives you a fresh breath of a flavoured tobacco.

Nowadays, you can even find tobacco free shisha. It is simply made out of herbs and molasses. This type of shisha doesn’t carry the same risk that regular tobacco has, but noneless, the charcoal used to smoke shisha doesn’t go without harm.

Of course you don’t need me to give you a description of the very well known cigarettes. I will be interested in knowing your opinion on that matter. Do you prefer shisha or cigarettes and why?

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