Christoph Reghage went for a walk, only to stop after 4646KM. His Journey started from Bejing to end up in Urumqi, China. He took self-portrait picture everyday which combined them in a wonderful timelaps. Those portraits are for documented everything from friends to cities he visited, it is titled β€˜β€™The longest Way 1.0’’.

You can see his hair grow, his skin color tans and you can witness how rough this trip was with more than 30,000 shots taken by his Canon 5d. Also he marked the milage with each and every picture, to give you a prospective on time versus distance.

Though he documented his trip only by his camera, but when he returned, he added it to his blog, and published his adventure in a book. I can honestly say that Christoph has inspired me, and I am looking forward to read his book, it is a wonderful example on how to pursue your dreams, and make them come to reality, whatever the price is.

Enjoy the video!!

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