You walk into a department store, then through the cosmetic isle then in front of the make-up brush section, and then, you need HELP. You will find brushes in many forms, length and shapes, but what you need to know is that you don’t really need the 50 brushes available. Based on some well-known make-up artist, you only need 8 brushes that will help achieve the look you are looking for. Take a look!

1. Foundation brush
One of the main reason you should always your foundation brush to apply your foundation is to get an even flawless, streak-free coat. One of the best things this brush do, is that your foundation will look more natural compared to the gliding effect caused by your fingers.

2. Powder brush
This brush is perfect for powder foundations, such as mineral makeup, or for that final touch of translucent powder to set a makeup look.  With some circular motions of buffing, you will notice a great difference.

3. Concealer brush
This brush will become your new best friend. They can get into those areas that your fingers can’t get into and blend. Especially if you’re a little older and your skin is a little wrinkled around the eye area, in those inner corners, a concealer brush is really going to get the product you are using evenly smoothed out. This brush could also be used to define your eyebrows using some illuminator cream.

4. Blush brush
One brush you should never go without is a blush brush. Many blush brushes have a very slight angle, which follows the natural contour of the cheekbones and helps to ensure you put the right amount in just the right place and with the right pressure.

5. Eye shadow brush
This brush is ideal for applying a powder eye shadow smoothly over the entire eyelid. Look for a brush with flat, rounded bristles, and for this brush in particular it’s recommended to go natural.

6. Blending brush
This brush is a must-have for those who like to blend shades at the crease of the eyelid for those softly smoky eye looks. “This tapered fluffy brush is ideal for the crease,” says Kaye. “It’s a critical brush to have. I find it’s the brush that I use the most — it’s just an all around perfect brush.”

7. Angled brush
This is a great brush for applying cream or gel eyeliner. You can also use it to apply a powder eye shadow as a liner. “It can be used for everything, not just the brows.

8. Lip brush
Most of the time we don’t use that brush. It’s always faster and easier to go straight with the lipstick or the lip-gloss— but using a lip brush allows for more precise application, and means you can apply color more equally.

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