What is better than seeing a happy smile on kids face... it is just amazing. Kids love Magic tricks.
Magic & illusion or if you want to call it fast hands it makes them laugh like never tomorrow lol

the best and easiest one is coin disappear. there is no need for any equipments and it is fast
Here's a different way to make a coin disappear. In this easy trick place a coin into a handkerchief where it mysteriously disappears. You need a quarter and a handkerchief and a rubber band.
The secret lies in the rubberband.
Before you perform the trick. wrap the rubberband around the fingers of one hand. with the rubberband around your fingers. Don’t draw any attention to this hand. Just keep it hanging at your side or in your pocket. Ask one of the kids for a quarter and show the handkerchief with your other hand.

Bring out the hand that formerly held the rubberband and let the handkerchief fall. The coin will look as if it disappeared.

Drape the handkerchief over the hand with the rubberband. Place the quarter into the handkerchief. What you’re doing here is spreading the rubberband and inserting the coin and a piece of fabric from the handkerchief into the stretched rubberband to form a little pocket.

Let the rubberband slip off of your fingers. The band should tightly close-up, trapping the coin in a bit of fabric in a secret pocket.
The coin will be held in a little pocket formed by part of the handkerchief and the rubberband.
here is a video for some other cool tricks

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