Oh yeah it is true.
Beauty pageants don't have the prestige they once did, and for kinda good reason: While we love beautiful women, it's depressing to watch 'em be judged on a stage like prize cattle. They're all winners to us! Even the ones who can't form a coherent sentence!
It is a massively popular Brazilian beauty contest In Latin America, a large female butt is a thing to be worshiped.
Currently, 27 contestants, representing Brazil’s Federative Units, are competing in an online voting system. Fifteen will make it to the final round in Sao Paolo in November for the definitive “best bum-bum” judgment.

In a note published in October, well in advance of the winners being announced, the newspaper reported that Sousa had secured top honors by paying thousands of dollars to judges. It also claimed Amaral paid $32,000 to judges and would come in second.

here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QhiT_9RRSc

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