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November 25, 2013 - by nezolezo

I rescued my dog Cleo four years ago from the humane society.
My Dad was there getting his dogs groomed. He called my mom and told us about Cleo who was there for adoption. We really wanted a new dog, and this opportunity seemed perfect.

When we arrived at the humane society, Cleo was so excited to see people interested in her.
One thing we noticed about her was her stomach. About two weeks prior to being brought to the shelter, Cleo had puppies. She still had the tummy and nipples, but sadly, no puppies.

I just loved her from first sight .... her puppies :( They all died because of the abusive family she lived with. Cleo was left her out in the cold and snow to give birth to her puppies. Luckily Cleo survived, or I wouldn’t be writing this story today.
I just love you Cleo...

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