White Marriage!

November 19, 2013 - by arabElove

Do you know what is "white marriage"?
is it a real marriage ?
Is Your Marriage Real?
Fastest way to get to Canada or US — marriage
fraudulent marriages =  "white marriage"
Hundreds of fraudulent marriages take place every year. Citizenship and Immigration in Canada and US acknowledges 5,000 cases are reported annually. In 2010, nearly 45,000 people immigrated to Canada as spouses. It’s not a new phenomenon.

white marriage is an immigration fraud.
 New Canadian Immigration Rules Target Marriage Fraud.Some newlyweds now face a new rule the government says is designed to combat marriage fraud.The regulation applies to Canadians or permanent residents who bring their spouse to Canada from overseas.They'll now have to live together in what the government calls a legitimate relationship for two years or the sponsored spouse could lose permanent resident status.The rule will only apply to those who have been married less than two years and have no children together at the time of their application.Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says sometimes the sponsor in Canada is being duped and sometimes the marriage is actually a commercial transaction.He says implementing a two-year conditional permanent residence period will help deter fraud and the victimization of Canadians.The conditional status will be waived in cases where there is evidence of abuse or neglect or where the spouse already in Canada dies.The new regulation will apply to all applications received after today.It follows measures introduced earlier this year also aimed at sponsored spouses.Those rules require a sponsored spouse to be a permanent resident for five years before they in turn could bring a partner or spouse to Canada. 

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