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I Used Priceline for the first time to book my Oct 2013 - two months ahead. Requested 5 star in MIA. Received confirmation that I was booked. Less than a week before the trip, I have a voicemail from Priceline that the every thing is ok
I had no intention on accepting. Talked to 4 different Priceline people. were no help at all. Called the my room was cancelled. All of the nicer hotels were sold out by this time.

Two days later, I have a voicemail from Priceline to remind me that if I'm not coming to Miami, to remember to cancel my room within 24 hrs!!!

Called the hotel, and yes I have a room reserved for my dates. I called four times to confirm, and made a note of the staff person's name each time. All confirmed my dates.

Arrived at the hotel in the middle of the major storm that had just occured , and discovered that they had had many cancellations due to the weather. The staff at the desk informed me that my room had been cancelled! I gave him my list of confirmations with names of staff that I had talked to. He said he would take care of it, and also for a colleague of mine that had the exact same experience - he was arriving the next day. He had the same voicemails that his room had been cancelled, and then reconfirmed that he DID have a room. He also confirmed his room 4 times.
The desk clerk took care of both our rooms and we ended up staying there. However, if the storm had not occurred, I'm certain both of us would have been on the street. The ONLY reason we were able to stay there was because there were so many cancellations due to the storm.

Be aware that using Priceline has a MAJOR downside. There is NO customer service, and the people that you talk to stay on script - they do not have authority to help, make changes, etc. I talked to my travel agent and she said alot of her clients have had this problem. It's extremely upsetting and stressful to not know for sure if you have a room or not.for Priceline to cancel a reservation and make another one without consent is not acceptable.

I have heard from others that Hotwire may be a little more efficient and possibly easier to work with. I will certainly never use Priceline again. 0 service.

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