And the countdown has officially begun! 10 more days till HALLOWEEN

One of my favorite part of Halloween is shopping at the candy aisle of stores…seriously… the candies they get this time of the year are freaking AMAZING!!!!All sorts of COLORFUL candies…. yellow, orange, black..It would be a shame not to use those candies in a cake… don’t you agree?

So, after picking up a bag full of candies from the store, I got to work and TA-DA ... A Twizzler and candy cake was born!

You can use Betty Crocker’s triple chocolate fudge cake mix or you can do your own Sponge cake .
HONESTLY, this cake is so easy to decorate that it made no sense to even take pictures along the way Winking smile

Just follow these steps:

Step 1:
Bake a cake and cover it in frosting.
TIP: Do not use white frosting! Make sure your icing is dark in color or use chocolate frosting coz black licorice leaves black stains and they show through the cracks between the licorice.

Step 2:
Start sticking your black Twizzlers all around the cake. I had to cut my twizzlers in half to match the height of the cake. You may need to do that too.

Step 3:
Wrap a bright orange ribbon around the cake to hold Twizzlers in place. Without this ribbon, some of my Twizzlers were falling over.

Step 4:
Now, sprinkle the top with yellow and orange candies. I used M&M as well as Reese. I also cut up some yellow and black Twizzlers into little pieces and sprinkled those on top too.

Step 5:
Place your cake on a dish and sprinkle some more yellow Twizzler bits around the base.

And you are done!

Hope you make this Twizzler cake for someone special on the 31st

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