Have you ever heard about Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee? It is simply the most expensive coffee in the world. I am sure you are curious about the price... Well, it can go as much as 50 bucks a cup. Make sure not to drop it on the floor :)

The civet, is a small Asian mammal that looks like a mix between a weasel and a raccoon. Civet coffee is made from coffee beans found in civet excrement. The civet's digestive enzymes ferment the beans, and after much rinsing the beans extracted from the feces are said to make a dark, smooth, rich, smokey cup of coffee. Apparently the internal digestion ends up adds a unique flavor to the beans, removing the bitter flavor, and then beans are then picked up by locals and sold. The most expensive coffee beans can cost up to $600 a pound, and up to $50 per cup, if you can get over the fact that you are drinking such a strange brew.

Would you really pay that much for animal poop?

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