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September 24, 2013 - by nezolezo

Making your Peru family vacation getaway more memorable with a little extra knowldege.

We had been planning a Peru family vacation for several years before we finally mustered up the money and time to go. See my wife and I had always thought it would be a lot of fun to take a family vacation to Peru, but we knew that if we went we wanted to be able to spend some time there. Time to us meant at least 3 weeks. As it turned out, that is exactly how long we stayed and we decided that for us, this made a perfect amount of time to see everything we wanted to see on our Peru family vacation.

Now, most people are going to discourage taking kids along on a trip like this, unless they are older. We tend to agree. Even though we didn't have kids along, we watched and spoke to other families that did and here is what we learned:

Families that brought children along, tended to have kids that were at least 10 years old, and in most cases the children were in their teens. Families with children had more difficulty with transportation, because taxis in Peru are very small compact cars or Toyota Corolla station wagons, thus making it difficult or impossible to fit a family in one taxi.
Dressed up in traditional Incan garb

Therefore, these families were forced to travel by van taxis, which are available, but limiting you to having to wait to spot a van and then get to your destination a little later than expected (do not rent a vehicle!-more on that later). Children that are older are not going to get as fussy as younger children when you can't eat right at lunch time or find a banos (restroom) immediately. By the way, most public restrooms charge one or half a soles (currency) to use it, so always carry change in your pocket. All this is not to discourage you from bringer younger children, since we did run into several families that had kids in the 5-8 range. We even ran into a couple from Germany who had a child that was only a couple years old and they had gone hiking with her!

That being said, we still encourage you to take your kids along on a family vacation like this, because they will remember it for the rest of their lives and be exposed to another culture that is drastically different from ours. If you can afford it, do it. You will not regret it.

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