Lately my hair has been falling out way too much. I use to have eating problems, I talked to the doctor & got my thyroid checked 3 times, it came out normal. Im 18, I've been dying my hair since 6th grade. I dye it every 3-5months. But I haven't even been dying my hair as much as I use to. I'm so scared of brushing it. It feels a lot more thinner now. I've been under a lot of stress could that cause it? But that much? I use to straighten my hair everyday but ever since I stopped for about a month or two, its been falling out more. I've been eating better. What's causing it to fall out soooo much? Is there hair treatment really cheap I can buy? I've gotten it done at a hair salon before to make it healthy but a couple weeks later it got worse. P.s, even when I put it I a bun or poinytail is falls out a lot. I've been taking vitamins everyday. WHAT SHOULD I DOO? PLEASE HELP )):

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