Hitler is the most scandalous and vicious dictator ever, yet he never had any kids or isn't that right?

The Frenchman Jean-Marie Loret (and his son Phillipe) assume that Hitler not just had an illicit relationship with an unknown lady, even that Loret himself is the result of it. Loret has been met with a lot of wariness, and nobody appears to consider his claims important, yet that didn't prevent him from setting off to the media with the story and composing his own particular auto-biography titled: "Ton Peres' applait Hitler" or "Your Dad's name was Hitler".

Loret had this news dropped on him by his mom in 1948, however she had just done that because she was on her death bed: obviously nobody else was there to check it however. Taking in this story, brought a lot of confusion into his life, and it was told that his wife left him when she discovered reality about where he is from. Loret has travelled famous places everywhere throughout the world to see what his dad had done, and informs any person who will listen regarding his history. I figure the main thing more regrettable than being the child of Hitler is that no one trusts you (or possibly that is surprisingly a benefit in disguise).

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