Keeping surprises for your better half under wraps during wedding preparations can be a daunting task, but this bride managed to pull off an incredibly sweet one for her new husband on their wedding day. When Cody and Kristin got engaged, they started discussing what song they should use for their first dance. Kristin really liked "Grow Old With You" from The Wedding Singer, but Cody was quick to shoot down that idea because he thought an Adam Sandler song was just "too silly" for such a special occasion. Kristin said she completely understood and the couple decided on another song...but secretly, she only decided to back down because she came up with a much better way of incorporating the song into their wedding! To pull off that epic surprise, Kristin says she secretly took three months of guitar lessons, riding her bike to classes since they were sharing a car at the time. I'd say every single bike ride was totally worth the effort, since that was such a sweet surprise. One I'm sure they'll cherish the memory of forever.

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