What Is A Happy Marriage? - Men, Do You Want To Be Your Wife's Prince Charming?%A0What is a happy marriage? Most little girls have wish they could of kiss a frog and marry a handsome prince. Fairy tales such as The Frog Prince, Snow White and Cinderella programmed our minds to think that life is magical. That is why the little girl in your wife subconsciously wishes a handsome prince could lead her through life's journey. So why has she become disenchanted? Is it because you have not lived up to her expectations? Have you fulfilled the princely role? When she married you, your wife wanted to live happily ever after.Well men, how can you become your wife's Prince Charming? It is straightforward really, make her your Princess. Assume the leadership role she is biologically programmed to want and need. Just like in in politics, in business and in society, leadership is the key ingredient to having a successful and happy marriage..The key ingredients of a happy marriage are1) Leadership - Leadership is the number one critical factor in a happy marriage. Wherever you look in society there is a leader - politics, religion, business. Marriage is no different. It must have a leader, a prince charming, to head the family and to keep it safe. Women are biologically programmed to need a leader; it dates back to the caveman days and has been kept alive in fairy tales and romantic Mills and Boon novels ever since.2) Attraction -What attracted your wife to you? You may have been the frog, but to her, you were her prince charming, the man to fulfill her childhood Cinderella fantasy. Become the man that her biological programming believes will lead her through life's journey and keep her safe. Rebuild that attraction she once had for you and turn back into that handsome prince, become the leader she so desires and I can assure you that you will have a happy marriage.3) Romance - Most fairy tales end romantically. A successful marriage needs to have one as well. All woman seek romance. That is why your wife watches so many romantic movies. How beautiful are those romantic moments you share together? The little gestures are so important to your princess - an intimate touch, a hug, a kiss, a romantic candlelit dinner, dancing cheek to cheek, an island holiday. Let the prince charming in you keep the romance alive throughout your marriage. Romance sets the scene for lust and passion and ultimately to sexual intimacy.4) Sex - Sex is a sharing of the most intimate nature, the intertwining of body, mind and soul. It is a basic human need and something to be shared, honoured and enjoyed with love as well as passion between the prince charming and his princess forever. To quote Ita Buttrose (Australian of the year 2013) "%u2026%u2026..seniors are not retiring from the bedroom%u2026..older Australians enjoy an active sex life as much as younger ones%u2026%u2026" And so should you. Enjoy a great and passionate sex life no matter what stage of life you are in.5) Intimacy - As well as intimacy on a physical level you must have intimacy on a spiritual and emotional level. This involves the intimate looks, the intimate touches not just in a sexual way but in everyday living. To be on the same intimacy level as your princess brings a great deal of comfort and joy and also provides security and is the recipe for a long lasting love and a happy marriage.6) Unconditional love - Deep down devotion to your princess is the sign of unconditional love. There may be moments in your marriage when you dislike your princess's actions or beliefs. Do not confuse this with loss of love. Don't confuse behaviour with emotions. It is okay to sometimes dislike her actions, but it isn't okay to stop loving her as your princess, unconditionally.7) Passion - A happy marriage is built out of very strong feelings of passion for your princess - an intense emotional, compelling feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, and desire for her. Passion can be described as deep feelings of romance and sexual desire all wrapped up in love. Are these passionate feelings there for your wife?8) Friendship - To be best friends is a very important part of a happy marriage. When your princess is your best friend there is always someone there to laugh with and to cry with. Someone to have fun with, and share activities. Make plenty of time for fun together. Going out to socialise is an essential element of your life together. It is essential to participate in fun things together. But don't forget to do things without your partner so that you maintain your individual friendships. Make your wife your best friend.9) Companionship - As well as being your best friend your princess is your companion, there for you to share the achievements and problems in life no matter how big or small; someone to share the highlights and the sorrows; a person who is always there for you; someone to do things with; someone who cares about you. It is always nice to know that you can confide in someone who cares about you. A problem shared is a problem halved. Together if you care about each other you can work it out.10) Communication - Open, frank communication is a much needed factor of a happy marriage. This is necessary so each has an understanding of what the other is thinking and why. Often if decisions are made without consultation, dissatisfaction and tension develop. This of course is detrimental to the ongoing relationship. However it is also important to remember that constant bickering and problem solving kills attraction. Don't have another argument with your wife until you learn how to turn every argument into attraction.11) Trust - Trust is important in a marriage. You need the security that your spouse is truthful in all aspects of your life together and that there are no secret motives or surprises lingering in the closet. When you loose trust the marriage will die.12) Reliability - It is important that you can rely on each other in good times and in bad. When required, each of you must come to the helm and help each other and hold the fort. If you can't rely on each other, then who can you rely on?13) Financial stability - Tensions often arise when there is concern over finances. Of course everyone would like more money, however if you work together to create a budget and have achievable financial goals then this minimises the opportunity for marital discord. Share your thoughts with your princess and work with her on an agreed saving and spending goals. If financial problems become an issue, face them together. Don't hide things from each other. Any problems can be resolved with openness and honesty.14) Shared responsibilities - It is important for a happy marriage to share all responsibilities not just financial ones. Nothing will sour a marriage more than if your princess believes she is doing all the work. Household chores and child rearing have to be shared, especially if both of you work. Stick to an agreed roster. Don't assume your partner will do everything. Offer help and work together as a team.15) Fidelity - If you are unfaithful to your princess you are sure to damage your marriage. For it brings into the marriage lies and deceit. Always remain faithful. If the need to stray comes over you there is something really wrong with your relationship. It is then time to look into what is causing those feelings. Attraction and leadership will lead you to a happy marriage.16) Forgiveness -If things to start to go wrong remember that there is power in the words "I am sorry." Fights and squabbles will happen in all marriages because you are both human. Do not attack the person; direct comments at behaviours and actions. Remember you love your spouse unconditionally. But always be prepared to say you are sorry and to forgive. That way you can celebrate the conciliation and make up passionately. It is important to make up and say "I love you" before leaving the house or going to sleep.If you are aware of these ingredients which make a happy marriage you will discover that fairytale can come true. The frog can become a prince and Cinderella can become a princess. It is possible to live happily ever after.

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