How Women Can Look Beautiful And Young Through Hair TransplantsWomen may face hair loss on their head, eyebrows and eyelashes. There are several causes behind it including stress, trauma, diet, medications against certain disorders, hormones, life style, age, child birth etc. They do not like any kind of the loss and always try to stop it. They generally experience hair-thinning on their head that is termed in medical as Female pattern baldness. To treat loss of hairs in women three types of Hair Transplant (HT) procedures are usually performed by a surgeon. These are called Female Scalp HT, Female Eyebrows HT and Female Eyelashes HT. Under Female Scalp HT procedure, thinning and hairline setting is performed on their head. Hair-grafts are required which should be active for transplantation. These grafts are taken from good hair-growing parts on scalp or body. A graft may contain 1 to 5 hair follicles and it may give rise to as much hairs as they contain follicles. Each follicle produces one hair only if it is active. A surgeon decides the donor parts for grafts collection. After completing graft collection, transplantation of grafts is performed under local anesthesia so that no pain can be experienced by a patient during the procedure.Eyebrows HT procedure is suitable for those women who want more hairy eyebrows if they have had hair-thinning there. Cuts, scars and injuries are also treated successfully by this procedure. Beautiful eyebrows are being achieved by women worldwide through the procedure. Women have no need to use tattoos, colors and hair-pieces to disguise the loss on their eyebrows after going through it. Natural-hairs are also restored on Eyelashes where women face noticeable the loss. Eyelashes HT procedure has enough potential to grow natural-hairs there. Eyelashes with sufficient hairs are useful for make ups of eyes. An experienced surgeon can transplant grafts on eyelashes in right directions so that hairs can grow like natural ones. In the conclusion, I would like to say that all these HT procedures are quite beneficial for woman for restoring natural-hairs on their head, eyebrows and lashes. Restored-hairs add beauty to their face and make them more beautiful and young. These help to eliminate their stress due to the loss permanently and improve their physical and mental health too. In fact, Female Hair Transplants, nowadays, play crucial roles in beauty maintain and beauty enhancement. These are also being availed by girls and brides to look beautiful, as they consider beauty-hairs as natural gift, precious assets and permanent ornaments. No doubt, thousands of women undergo the procedures each day not only in India but also in foreign countries to gain beauty and youthfulness.

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