Natural Libido Enhancement Through the Years Natural libido enhancement is not something new. The desire to boost flagging libido has stretched back centuries; most notably for men, but also for women. However new you may think that libido problems are, they actually go back centuries and so have the natural libido enhancement products. In fact, the use of herbal products to produce natural libido enhancement has gone back a long time, so there is no need to feel as though you are embarrassed by the issue. The following is just a small list of herbs that have gone from obscurity and small time use to explosions into the scene of natural libido enhancement, though there are many herbs which have homes in natural libido enhancement products across the globe.GingkoGinkgo is a common ingredient in many herbal products, including some natural libido enhancement products. It is believed that the use of Ginkgo dates back to prehistory since the trees have been around since then and prehistoric man would eat anything that seemed healthy to eat. Gingko has since found its way into many creams, pastes, and pills in order to improve overall health. Gingko has also found itself into natural libido enhancement products, especially for men who have found a great deal of success when improving their sexual health, but also for women who have trouble getting up the energy for sex and thus have difficulty orgasming.GinsengGinseng is a very common herb which was used largely in China and Asia, but has found its way in many herbal supplements and natural libido enhancement products. Ginseng has been long used as a way to improve blood flow and thus increase energy and stamina. This in turn helps libido because increased blood flow and energy to the genitals means better sex! Ginseng has been prescribed for centuries by doctors for helping in all manner of life, including sex.Gambir SarawakGambir Sarawak is a bark from the Sarawak bush in Malaysia. It's astringent and can be made into oil that delays the orgasm reflex in men and offers a tingling sensation to women that many find very pleasurable. Gambir Sarawak has been used in the villages of Malaysia for centuries as pain relief for things like insect bites, aches and pains, and bruises because it has a numbing effect. It is now used as a powerful and safe natural libido enhancement product.Horny Goat WeedHorny goat weed is found in many herbal libido enhancement products because it increases libido in many women and may help with the symptoms of menopause. It also works to improve blood flow to the clitoris.Natural libido enhancement products have enjoyed a long standing history and now have hit an explosion of popularity due to the push for more natural products to work with your body instead of against it. This is just a fraction of the herbs which are out there for natural enhancement products, but these are some of the best herbs to look for because they are effective while still being gentle on your system.

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