Women are incomplete without jewelries as jewelries help them to improve their appearance. Several colorful and beautifully designed bracelets for women can be found in the market. Bracelets can be metallic or non-metallic. Bracelets are generally a loop of materials like chain or strap that is supposed to be worn around the forearm or wrist. They often come with some external interlocked loops and are especially made for decorative purposes and fall in the category of jewels. It also has a supportive role as it holds wrist watch or any religious particulars. A single bracelet with inflexible loop is commonly called as 'bangle'. They may be of metals, leather, plastic or cloth and may contain stones, crystals, beads and pearls. Bracelets are generally worn by women but men are also found wearing them. Bracelets are often worn as a lucky charm for the individual. Many sports bracelets for women are also being produced with certain picture of the sport teams or clubs. Though there are several designs of bracelets for women, some of them have been described below. Some bracelets, like Monica Vinader, contain diamond crystal around their loop or chain and also come with size manager. Similarly bracelets named Alexander McQueen are the leather bracelets for women and they come with size manager similar to that of a wristwatch. Similarly, the brand name Valentino comes with very cool design that changes the personality of any women as they are made up of leather with metallic fixing at the exterior part. In the same way, bracelet brand named Michael Kors comes with different amazing cool designs with additional feature of folding. The most desired leather bracelets brand is Salvatore Ferragamo as they are made using best-quality leather and has a marvelous appearance that suits every individual. Thus, numerous others women bracelets are available with different cool designs. Bracelets also have various cultural values. In most of the Asian countries, bride is supposed to wear various bracelets. In addition, women generally wear gold or diamond bracelets while attending different cultural and religious functions. They are also worn while visiting different temples and religious sites. Bracelets are often used as a present to wife or girlfriend. In the present context, they are also worn at the celebration of different events like friendship day or certain parties. Since bracelets for women have both cultural and modern significance they are worn by most of the women while attending different functions like parties and cultural events. Bracelets are mostly used by the teenagers. Not only teenagers but many celebrities also wear different fashionable bracelets. As the bracelets are supposed to be lucky charm, more and more people tend to wear them. Moreover to gain the fame, fans and followers, celebrities wear different stylish bracelets. Likewise, many lawn tennis players also wear bracelet bands to strengthen their arm and to play efficiently. Thus, the bracelets have certain religious and modern values and they are extensively worn by women of all age groups. To increase the beauty of wrist, women wear different sparkling bracelets during different feasts and events. You can buy different colorful metallic and non-metallic bracelets for women online as well. %A0 %A0

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