"Here’s the thing—when you “friend” your MIL on Facebook, she will inevitably pour over all of your posts. Especially the ones involving her precious grandbabies. She can’t help it—she loves those damn kids. Facebook and pics of cute grandbabies = MIL Heaven.However. Some of your posts will probably piss her off. Likewise, her commentary will probably piss you off in return. Self-righteous and sanctimonious snide remarks will volley back and forth between you both. Snarky digs here, snarky digs there. You’ll accidentally smash each other to smithereens on social media in front of all of your closest Facebook friends and family. "

 SO TRUE! While some very touchy subjects are hard enough to have vis-à-vis one of the things I absolutely hate is when family members lurk on Facebook to see what you are or are not doing. And then the talking. And the questions. And the phone calls. You get the idea.Family drama is hard enough to deal with in real life, and I definitely don’t need any of it online. So if you need to block a mother-in-law or a distant cousin on Facebook, go for it. Or better yet, update your privacy settings. They are there for a reason, you know. 

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