Thousands of canadians have been receiving calls from known numbers from the Videotron mobile and IP phones scamming them for a winning trip over Air canada or similar scams.

The scammers have hacked the videotron network using the numbers of legitimate customers to scam other people.

so you will receive a call from a number and when you answer you will get the winning msg to talk to an agent that will ask to collect your credit card number. once you ask them for his company name or the phone number they will hang up.

if you try to call back the number on your phone screen ( where the call got generated) the real videotron customer will answer and will be surprised someone is using their number to make the scammed call.

I have lived that experience myself. when I called back the real videotron customer he apologized and told me it is not the first time he got other people calling him to warn him about the issue. 
what is really surprising is he told me he called videotron to complain about it. the videotron agents told him on the phone "we Know the issue and can't do anything about it"

So please be carefull. if you receive a call like this ask for the company name and the real phone number ... tell them you will give them a direct call 
never ever give your credit card to them.

[update] I have sent a complaint email to videotron waiting on a response 

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