You have always wondered how some couples seem to be so in sync and happy? here are some tips on how to become the couple that everyone envy for their love and communication skills.

Key # 1: tolerance
The particularities of each, at first, they are attractive, and most of them are also the source of many conflicts. If you willingly accept eachother's differences (which is not always easy but still necessary), your couple stand a bigger chance of succeeding!

Key # 2: common values
Living with someone that is our mirror is neither possible nor desirable . But living with the total opposite,  increases the risk of disagreement. Between these two extremes, there is a balance which is based on shared core values.

Key # 3: a friendship
And if your partner was also your best friend? Complicity and confidence are essential to build an ever-living bond.

Key # 4: shared words
Too many silences undermine intimacy in everyday life. But say too much too ... Can we learn to speak the same language? Focusing on the art of knowing when to speak, what to say and specially when you need to stop talking, is precious to any couple.

Key # 5: sexual agreement
Sex is a source of fulfillment and another way to meet. But how to keep a happy sexuality in the long term? That's the challenge facing those who want to prolong the pleasure . Find a way to tell your partner your sexual desires, and don't keep it hidden by fear of being juged. At the same time, be open minded to what your partner will share with you about his sexual fantasies.

Key # 6: projects and dreams
To move forward, the couple needs to have common project. And that's when everyone's desires are united in a common vision that the future becomes challenging. Sharing similar dreams and similar projects, will push your couple forward to reach your common goals in life!

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