From the dad in the video: 
A comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while mama is away for the afternoon . time lapsed. I started shooting this video after his nap, and before bath/dinner/bedtime 
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for some background here is a nice little piece from a today show correspondent Dana Brown
I like it because she stuck to the real heart of the story, which is the fact that I made this video for my wife. 
And listen, I can't tell all of you how much credit I'm gaining with my wife cause of this video going "viral" and everybody getting to see my little love note at the end for her.
Maybe soon I'll be able to say 1mil people saw my love for her, HA!

Much love to everybody in Serbia!
Much love to those in Brazil!
and to those who know what a Hazopateras is, well I love yall to!

And anybody leaving heartfelt comments, or reminiscing, or day dreaming about the days they spent on the floor with their little ones, well I'm really glad you could enjoy this little moment between me and my son - as I know there are plenty of dada's and mama's who put their floor time in.

MY assessment of why this caught on is because, people like seeing people do peopley things with the people they love.

The third song is called "Cinimatika"
The Inflatable toy is this:

He had turkey hot dogs and apple sauce for lunch, and we both got apple sauce on our shirts which is why we took them off.

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Dad creates time lapse video to show what really happens when mama is away

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