A shocking video of a Ugandan woman abusing a toddler in her care has gone viral on social media and is being widely discussed. In the video, that was recorded on a secret camera mounted in the room, the woman, who is thought to be the child’s nanny, is seen repeatedly hitting the helpless girl, throwing her to the ground and trampling her while the child cries loudly. Reliable information obtained by NTV is that the parents noticed that the child had bruises and asked what had happened but the maid said she did not know what caused them. Reports say the child’s parents reported the incident to police and the woman was charged. We also have information that the case is in Nakawa magistrates court and the woman was remanded till 8th December when she will return to court. 

This cannot be real tell me it isn't. I have never seen child abuse to this degree wow I just feel like crying this was horrible nobody deserves this. I really hope the child is okay :(

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