10-year ago  Kellie Haddock gave birth to her first baby. A little healthy angel that she and her husband named Eli. Fourteen weeks later, a horrifying tragedy struck the new little family: they were involved in a serious car accident.

Kellie was very banged up,  her husband had died under the force of the impact. Little Eli was struggling for his life now ... Here, everything had been turned upside down.

Believe it or not, thanks to the medical team of the hospital and its exemplary force, Eli survived!
Now remarried, Kellie strongly wanted to thank all the people, these heroes who saved the life of her son. She has prepared a special ceremony and found all the people who changed her life by saving his son.

What a touching story ... Congratulations to all these heroes and, above all, congratulations to Kellie for this extraordinary initiative. Too often we forget to thank these everyday heroes.

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