A murder that occurred in a region of Syria four years ago has never been elucidated until few months back.

It's a little 3 year old boy who has elucidated the murder ... in the a region of Syria, people believe in reincarnation and when someone talks about his previous life, we must listen and not laugh at what he says.

So the little boy told his parents that he remembered his previous life and who killed him, his parents had no choice  but to go to the village where he lived his other life  in order to discover the truth.

When he pointed to the place where the body was buried, people dug and indeed discovered a corpse ... he was also able to identify many more things.

In addition, the boy remembered his name and when the villagers were asked about the man, they said he was gone for 4 years ... WOW!

Of course, the little boy also remembered his killer who was arrested later.

Here is a video that explains in more detail the story.

Do you believe it?

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