While I honestly don't know how they came with these numbers, but here it is any way ..
10. Trinidad and Tobago: 30% of population
9. Venezuela: 30.8% of population, This number, as reported in 2014′s Social Progress Imperative report, falls pretty shy of the Venezuelan government’s own much higher estimate of 38%.

8. United States: 31.8% of population, Well damn. So much for "USA #1"! At least I know I am personally doing something to contribute to that number. Well, I WAS. I've joined a gym. Sorry 'Merica :(

7. Mexico: 32.8% of population, Last year's reigning champs looking a bit thin this year as well...
6. South Africa: 33.5% of population,"With thinness historically associated with disease and fatness with wealth and success, South African culture is a prime example of how this model is being turned on its head."
5. United Arab Emirates: 33.7% of population, "Last year, in a bizarre campaign only fitting of a city as opulent as Dubai, its government launched a 30-day weight challenge which rewarded weight loss with gold – literally. Qualifying contestants stood to win two grams of solid gold — worth about $90 — for every two kilograms they managed to lose in the name of fighting obesity".
4. Jordan: 34.3% of population, "A 2010 report by the University of Jordan pit the obesity rate of Jordanian adult women near 60%, almost double the rate of men".

3. Egypt: 34.6% of population, 10% of Egyptians drink five or more cans of soda daily.

2. Saudi Arabia: 35.2% of population, With around 72% of the country’s over-40 demographic qualifying as clinically obese, the Saudi Kingdom will likely face enormous health challenges in coming years.
1. Kuwait: 42.8% of population


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