I never thought it was possible to make fire with a water bottle! You read that right: A WATER BOTTLE!

Here's a handy trick if you forgot to bring your matches or lighter in your camping! All you'll need is a transparent bottle full of water, three sheets of printed paper (newsprint can do very well) and the sun! The steps are simple to follow, but may require some practice before you master them.

1-Remove the label on your bottle of water.
2-Fold one of the sheets, making sure to leave at the sight a colorful party. If you do not have colored paper, rub some dirt on the sheet.
3-Use the rounded portion just below the neck of the bottle to direct sunlight on the colored part of your paper.
4-When you will a small fire , place the other leaves around the coals.

Hop! Voila! You will only have to do a little venting and the fire will grow!

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