How to look younger, for men and women!

April 19, 2014 - by Rayan

Make love

Yes, yes it is that simple ! Nature is well done! A scientific study in Scotland showed that couples who had a very active sex life have fewer wrinkles than other skin! The reason is simple.

Stand up straight

Women who adopt an upright posture on a daily basis are necessarily younger than those inch curved back or are lazing on their chair. In addition , learning to stand up straight is essential to avoid muscle and headaches that are often associated with too much pressure on the neck pain.

let your eyebrows grow

Gone fashion wise‚Ķ eyebrows are practically invisible ! To look young and healthy, nothing like a little push to let your eyebrows show! We do not suggest to go  monoeyebrowse , but simply follow their natural curve.
Illuminate your hair

Obviously, hair , start with the basics: exit all white or gray hair that would have indelicate to slip into your mane. Then to have a flaming hair , nothing like that to a few strands . Ask your stylist to add you few strands of two shades lighter than the natural color of your hair.

Give yourself a manicure

The hands are often seen as a test of beauty. To give them a facelift , give yourself a manicure at least once per month. The esthetician will remove dead skin and you can use a beautiful polish. Home , consider treating your hands regularly , often buffeted by water and soap and with a moisturizer.

Choose the right bra

As time passes, the more the breast tends to sag ; but even if this process is natural , there are tricks to slow . First, ask at least once every five years the expert advice to choose the bra size that fits you perfectly ; a mismatched bra can cause back pain, shoulder and arm pain as well. Then , choose bras with underwire support. Finally, if you regularly play sports , know that it be worn in specific clothing, especially for sports that move , such as running or tennis.

Make your teeth shine

The condition of your teeth often reveals your age, so you can not do without the annual appointment at the dentist. But this is not always enough , in addition to regular cleanings , brush your teeth after every meal , preferably using a special white toothpaste. Also, do not forget to rinse your mouth after drinking tea or coffee , these drinks tend to darken the enamel.

If you want a perfect result , you can opt for a whitening session at the dentist , but they are often very expensive , if you can use whitening strips to apply yourself to your teeth, that could be enough!

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