Which false nails to choose?

March 26, 2014 - by Julia

There is only two methods to balance your heart between UV gel and resine nails.

Here are some criteria to help you make an appropriate choice. The UV gel is rich with a sunscreen which prevent the nails from changing color. The materials considered lighter on the nail plate and fits better curve of your natural nail. This will result in a beautiful appearance.

For its part, the resin , which applies in greater quantity on the nail, reveals many passages in your manicure . However, over the weeks , this material has a tendency to turn yellow . At the moment, no solution has been found to prevent this phenomenon. The real attraction of the resin lies ... in its price which is less expensive than the UV gel.

The resin , which emerged in the 1980s, has met many Americans. The Europeans and Asians have been quick to follow on it. Fifteen years later , the UV gel ( with a protective UV ) which covers your nails.

On the surface of a nail , manicurist adds a capsule to lengthen your natural nail . The whole is covered by one of the two materials , and shaped into round or square shape. This is will be according to your taste. Maintenance side , you will need every three weeks to return to institute to get your nails filled. Regular maintenance is essential to maintain healthy nails . This is what allows you to have beautiful hands , longer.
With fake nails you have to be vigilant.  If you wait too long to before getting the filling, you will incur the risk of resin or gel nails off. Spaces will be formed and the water will easily infiltrates . And then , beware of mold ! Then you can say goodbye to your manicure and start all over again .

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