Would you sky dive or bungee jump?

January 04, 2014 - by santos

 I would say no one !!  both of them  are scary, but I think It's always good to try new stuff and new experiences . I would probably choose  Bungee Jumping because it'svery cool to be  on the top and look ayt all the sites and then fall it would be awsome!
in the other hand i think  that the Bungee jump has too many things that could go wrong that WOULDN'T kill you !! You're not tied up right, the other end isn't tied up right, the bungee is defective, the bungee is for someone lighter than you, the bungee is too long...you get the idea. Then you break your neck, become paralyzed--but probably don't die.

Sky Diving would be fun too but it depends on where I'm sky diving at and of course not doing it alone . I have never done either of them before though and I would have to have somebody wih me!
Skydiving has one issue: chute doesn't open (or open right) AND the backup doesn't open (or open right). And then, you're pretty much dead...not living as a drooling invalid.

 i think I'd choose hang gliding over both of them.!! lool

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