Do you believe dreams have meaning ?

December 25, 2013 - by sola

Well I don't know if it is just me or not but I have had these adventure like dreams where I don't know where I am.

But when I looked up the things that I dreamed of, it kind of make sense what the dictionary says. Although some stuff it says doesn't really connect one time.

I think that when you dream there is always a meaning behind it whether you want it to or not. Sometimes you might not find an answer written down but you also have to look at what you thinking and try linking things. One time I didn't look in a dictionary but started to think about before I forgot about it but I realized I was pretty home sick since I spent many years living in the States.

-Some the interpretations online is sometimes helpful but not all the time. I think it should be yourself to be aware of what your dream is trying to tell you rather than online. That is an personal opinion.

-Well.. I have gone to many places that is real in my dreams. I experienced myself in a lucid state of mind and controlled it ...lool . I like it when I experience real scenery in my dreams :) It could be like being on vacation but not being there.

-That is a good question. I wonder about that question as well, but I haven't really asked anyone if they dreamed about the same thing. Awkward question to ask them? ha ha.. But it could be a sign that you like them or something. When I started having the crush I have right now there were a few dreams that told me a lot about my feelings.

Dream dictionary are interesting but I would rather try figure it myself he he..

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