What is up with the Hype for Gangnam Style?

November 13, 2013 - by nezolezo

Insanity is the word loool The hype of "Gangnam Style" is getting to the point of insanity!
This song has dominated music charts all over the world for a long time competing with popular singers like Pink, Script, Taylor Swift and more.The official YouTube video has more than 1,819,916,427 views as of right now.

Many people ask me, why do you think Gangnam Style became so crazy? I would like to take a few excerpts from The Korean, who runs the very popular Ask a Korean blog. The Korean posits two main factors that made Gangnam Style stand out.

“First, Korean pop music has been laying a solid groundwork for PSY to succeed. It is true that, thus far, efforts by Korea’s pop stars to break into the U.S. market resulted in a flop. Top stars like Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 never made a dent on America’s public consciousness. Nevertheless, the groundwork that these groups laid remains important. Because Korean pop music at least got on the radar screen of the insider players of American media market, PSY’s music was easily accepted by those insiders.”

Yes, some people may say that Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 was only popular among Korean Americans, credit must be given to these groups by building a foundation of K-Pop.

“Second, Gangnam Style is popular in America because Gangnam Style is familiar to Americans in multiple ways. The song’s electro-pop tune fits right in with the current American music trend”

Since his debut, Psy was known as an electro-pop singer. His music style was always somewhat different from the usual either bright or sad (love story-related) music. Because he maintained this unique style for over 10 years, now it had a chance to shine!

To add on my opinion, Gangnam Style is popular because of its funny dance, catchy Korean lyrics (“Oppa, Gangnam Style” isn’t too difficult to pronounce) and, of course, Psy’s presence with his somewhat ridiculous outfit and style. Instead of trying to look pretty or handsome as most other K pop stars, he wasn’t afraid to speak Korean and be himself. However, I totally agree that his success might not have happened if weren’t for pioneering K pop stars who bravely went into US market first. In a nutshell, the success was due to a combination of many different factors!

Still haven’t watched the video? NOW is your chance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0

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